Difficulty Ratings: Homemade Pasta (without a machine)

Thanksgiving week is finally here, which means, this will be my fourth and final installment of difficulty ratings. Now didn’t that make November more fun?! (It did for me at least) On deck this week, homemade pasta WITHOUT a pasta machine. This could not have come at a  better time! This weekend was gray and rainy, and on Sunday I had a terrible hangover. Nothing like a big ol’ plate of pasta to make everything seem right in the world again!

I’ll admit that this turned out to be one of my most difficult projects. Maybe it was because I’m not a big “pasta person” to begin with or maybe I was just weak from the 6 bottles of champagne I downed with my friends the night before, but man, the sweat was pouring down my back by the time I was done with this!

Homemade whole wheat pasta, Difficulty rating: 5

I adapted the recipe from this one found on Sugar Laws. Seems easy enough……….

This dough was fairly difficult to roll to a proper thinness. Many articles I read said that I should roll it to as thin as I can, then let it rest, then try to roll some more. I did all this, but to be honest, my shoulders are still a bit sore today from all the rolling.

When I got my dough rolled out is when I ran into some issues. In the recipe, it says to roll the dough into a tube and slice the width of noodles you want that way. Well, I did that and the noodles would not unroll and eventually crumbled. Grrrrr! I didn’t want to quit, so I kneaded the dough back into a ball and added a couple more tablespoons of water. The dough actually rolled out quite a bit easier the second time around (although there was no lack of sweating still on my part) Instead of messing around with the roll up technique again, I opted to just had cut each noodle with a pizza cutter straight from the rolled out dough.

Worked like a charm! Dropped my new noodles into boiling water and they were ready to eat in about 3 minutes!

Wait a second….we need sauce. I whipped up these easy, healthy bolognese sauce using ingredients I already had in my kitchen! Ground chicken, diced tomatoes, tomato paste, onion, celery,  red wine and italian seasoning. It was so delicious and really brought this pasta to life!

I ate a giant plate of pasta and promptly passed out on the couch for a few hours of much needed nap time. My thanksgiving cooking bonanza begins tomorrow when I pick up my fresh turkeys from Henry’s and get to town on all my prep! I’m so looking forward to having all my friends together for food and fun on Thursday!

One final note on my difficulty ratings series. I wanted to try some new things so I used this blog as a means to do that and document it, hopefully inspiring someone else to try something they’ve always wanted to. Whether its in the kitchen or in another area of your life, don’t wait until tomorrow to try something you’ve always wanted to! Start enjoying new adventures NOW! It makes all the crappy parts of life seem so much less crappy when you do things for yourself and your own personal joy.


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