Girl Scout cookie of the Day: Shortbread

Disclaimer: this is not the Girl Scout shortbread recipe, nor are these cookies shaped like Trefoils. Ok, so maybe the title of this post is a complete lie, but I figured I needed one more post to wrap up my cookie series. Shortbread is one of my all time favorite cookies, and I have previously posted my FAVORITE shortbread recipe on my blog. This recipe is so unbelievably good that I don’t feel as though I need to try any other shortbread recipes, Girl Scouts included, ever again. Trust this Scottish girl, if you love shortbread, you will LOVE this recipe! The Girl Scouts make their cookies in the shape of trefoils, the Girl Scout logo. I made my cookies into the shape of football helmets and football players in honor of the super bowl. The Hubs and I have fine tuned our chili recipe for the big cook off today, and we are ready to party! I’m really a Chargers fan, but if I have to pick, I’ll say Go Steelers! (My Mom is from Pittsburgh and a lot of my family are Steelers fans) Sorry Packers, I love cheese but, well, you know how it is!

For a link to my original shortbread post with recipe, click HERE


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