Over the weekend

I had a pleasant enough weekend. The highlight was Sunday when our all friends came to the pool, and Leila took her first official spin in her new floatie. She’s not entirely sold on it yet, but I think she’ll get there. She definitely liked to splash around on the pool steps more than she liked floating. I’m sure before we know it she’ll be wanting to take surfing lessons out in the big ocean. Sigh.

After everyone left I grilled up some turkey burgers for The Hubs and I. I love June, aka. pineapple season, aka. my favorite food. Pineapples were on sale for 99 cents each this week at Henry’s, so I bought a few and grilled some of those up too! My all time favorite burger is

Burger+bacon+cheddar+grilled pineapple+red onion+BBQ Sauce+lettuce

What a great way to wrap up a sunny, summery weekend here in San Diego!


  1. says

    When I was on vacation in Australia I discovered they top their burgers with thick slices of pineapple ( and a fried egg ); I never looked back after realizing how much flavor the pineapple adds to the meal!

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