Mixed Berry Pancakes for Dinner

Holy heat wave in SoCal. I think I mentioned earlier this summer how we haven’t had our standard one week of high temperatures yet this year. Well, its here now. Just a little bit later than expected. Tuesday it rained (which I have only seen one or two other times between the months of July and September in the 9 years I’ve lived here) then it became disgustingly, sweatingly humid, similar to summer in the midwest. The humidity has stuck around making cooking of any kind pretty unbearable. Remember, we have no AC. However, I still have a hungry, hardworking Hubs to feed so I cracked the ol’ pantry to see what was left.

What I found was some pancake mix and frozen berries. I figured pancakes on the stove would heat the kitchen minimally, so I whipped up a batch. I still wasn’t able to finish off all the frozen berries, but I did finish the syrup! I think The Hubs was a happy camper. I think today is supposed to be the last day of this heat wave, then back to business as usual for the weekend! Hoping to get some baking done!

I thought the pancakes looked so cool and tie-dye-y with the berries mixed in. They had kind of a blueish tint that made them kinda fun as well!

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