Easiest Ever Comfort Food

Since I’ve been home, work has been pretty busy with lots of catching up to be done. That, combined with it getting dark so early, and the lack of food in the house, has made this weeks posts challenging so far. I did manage to make it to the grocery store for a few supplies yesterday (still have to menu plan and coupon clip to do the official, post vacation, re-stocking of our fridge) and whipped up one of my all time favorite comfort foods, the BLEAT….or BLATE……or BALET…..or TABLE. Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and egg sandwich. So simple, so quick, and a complete meal between 2 slices of bread. The Hubs said “feel free to make this any time”. I think bacon is really the way to a man’s heart.

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    Looks so good! A real creative idea and brainstorming process. You should try and add chicken into the sandwich, I really like the combination of over easy egg and chicken; but I don’t know where the “C” would go.

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