The Great List

“Wouldn’t it be the best damn day if we all took time to breathe?” –lyrics from O.A.R Risen. I was listening to my Ipod on shuffle today and this song came on while I was walking the dogs. It had been a stressful morning, and this lyric really struck a chord with me on this particular day. I did take time to breathe. I took time to enjoy the warm sun, ocean breeze, beautiful scenery and the smile on my doggie’s faces. I’m feeling much better now, and ready to get on with the weekend!

So much great stuff happened this week!

  1. My Samoa Bundt Cake went crazy on the internet! Not only did it get the most pageviews of any post I’ve ever written. It got more pageviews than I usually get in a month! I am overjoyed that people responded so well to it. Seriously, my mind is blown
  1. Even better than the thousands of pageviews was a couple of very sweet instant messages from The Hubs earlier in the week. Nothing beats being made to feel special.
  1. Hell has frozen over because my friend Katie and her husband are on a plane to visit me right this second! This is a friend of mine who always talks the talk about coming to visit, but never walks the walk. She has only come one time in the 10 years I’ve lived here, and that was for my wedding. I cannot wait to spend the weekend with them!
  1. A nasty stomach virus has been destroying my group of friends lately, but it has yet to touch the Haley household. Three cheers for strong immune systems!
  1. The forecast for the next couple days is sunny and high 70s! My absolute favorite.
  1. We’re dog sitting for Riley and he’s been eating all his food. This doesn’t sound very great, but if you knew this dog, you’d know it’s quite a feat.
  1. Our trip to Costa Rica is booked! Less than a month till vacation.

That’s my list for this week. Please enjoy my photo of me helping my Grandma blow out her birthday candles. Notice the bundt? Now you know my bundt obsession runs in the family. Happy weekending to you all!


  1. mom says

    Love the picture. Figure it must be about 1984 since I have a “big baby Matt” in my arms. He would be 8 months and G-ma would be 72 in that pic. You kids were always so cute!

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