The Great List

Hole-eeee-hell this week seemed long! I was totally OVER IT by Tuesday. That being said, there were some high points (there always are if you just look for them) Soooooooo, here we go!

1. Last weekend was so much fun with my friends who were visiting from out of town. TONS of laughs, lots of sun, and they couldn’t get on a flight on Sunday so we got one extra day with them! Definitely a weekend for the memory books.

2. I got to do a photo shoot this week with our old pal, the amazingly talented Brett Butterstein, and his student, the also fabulously talented Tracey Buyce. They just needed a couple of bodies to practice their new photo techniques on, but it was great for The Hubs and I to get to spend the afternoon together, and I always love being part of any creative process. Check out Tracey’s photo above. I love the sunny feeling of it. Besides the winter clothes we’re wearing, its very SoCal!

3. My favorite little dog sittee, Boozer the wiener dog is back for the weekend! I’m crazy for weenies, and this little guy is so cute and cuddly, I can’t help but smile

4. March madness! I filled out 4 brackets. Fingers crossed that I actually win some money this year. Even if I don’t, its still fun.

5. In the week following super bundt, I’ve received all kinds of interesting offers for collaborations and work, not to mention getting picked up by the Huffington Post! Mind still blown.

6. Weekend plans include lots of time with my bestie who I feel like I haven’t spent much QT with lately. She’s training for a marathon which is really time consuming, and I’m just constantly busy with ten bajillion different things. I can’t wait to catch up!

7. I booked a last minute trip to Napa in 2 weeks. I’m going to help a friend pick out some finishes for her new house in Davis, but I also plan to eat my way through Napa while i’m in that area of the state. This will be my first time there!

8. Had a fun sushi dinner with some great friends last night. It’s always great to be able to get support from true friends when you need it most.

What great things happened to you all this week? I know there has to be at least one thing. Please share below, and have a great weekend!

Ps. couldn’t resist one last photo. The one below is from Brett. He’s a genius.

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  1. Stepfanie says

    I am in absolute LOVE with both of those photos!! You look very happy and very much in love =)
    Hope to see you sometime soon! Hope all is well!

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