Ricotta Apricot Cake


I’m excited to share with you this ricotta apricot cake I baked up over the weekend. I recently picked up some beautiful apricots from my new favorite store, Specialty Produce, and had been hmming and hawing over what to do with them for a few days now.  Earlier in the week I made a batch of fresh ricotta cheese (so easy to make you won’t even believe it) which I thought would make a nice friend for these apricots, so ricotta apricot cake it was!


June is apricot season and we’ll be featuring great apricot recipes all month long over at my other site, Seasonal Potluck! If you don’t know about Seasonal Potluck you should. Its a wild party open to all bloggers who love to share recipes. We focus on a different seasonal ingredient each month, and anyone who’s made a dish using that ingredient can link up their recipe. Head over there now to see what people have been making with apricots 

To check out how to make this delicious-for-breakfast-dessert-or-anytime ricotta apricot cake, head over to the features section for the full recipe


In other news, my weekend of doing nothing was truly magical, and was just what I needed to recharge and refocus. The Hubs and I slept A LOT, watched movies, read and did a little light yard work and baking. I’m feeling ready to tackle my week! What kind of trouble did everyone else get into this weekend? I hope you’re all thoroughly enjoying your summer so far. Leave me a comment and let me know what you’re up to!



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