Wine Country Burger


Not too long ago, in some random airport, I ordered something called a “wine country burger”, and it was by far the best airport food I have ever eaten. It was so good, in fact, that I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

The wine country burger is a beef patty topped with roasted red peppers, roasted tomatoes, balsamic greens and goat cheese. When my friends at Melissa’s Produce sent me some beautiful sweet kapia peppers recently, I thought, “mmmmmm that would be great on a wine country burger”, so I roasted them up and made myself a feast.

goat-cheese-burger-kapia-peppers The kapia peppers were awesome on this, and it tasted as good as I remembered it from the airport. Thanks (as always) Melissa’s for knowing what I want to eat before I do!

goat-cheese-burger-recipe-detail I’m back in airport mode again today. Gotta love the 6am flights! Hopefully the random airports I’ll be flying through over the next few weeks will have some amazing hidden food gems. I find airports to be either hit or miss when it comes to this stuff. Does anyone have an airport restaurant they love? What’s the best airport in your opinion?



  1. Mary G. says

    Hi – I’m new to your blog. Do you post full recipes? Not sure if I’m not seeing something or if you don’t post the full list of ingredients/instructions. Thanks for your help!

    • says

      Hi Mary! Welcome! I do usually post full recipes although this wasn’t really a “recipe” as much as it was just burger toppings. Please click around and see some of my other posts if you’re looking for step by step instructions. Under the recipe section all my posts are classified by category. Thanks again for stopping by!


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