The Great List 11.22.2013

Tally-Olive-Angel-BandanaHooray! I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for so long and its finally here. My girlfriends Krista and Courtney are flying in tonight, and Val’s baby shower is tomorrow! We’ve got friends coming from near and far, and its shaping up to be an awesome celebration. What a Great way to top off another Great week.

I’m loving reading everyone’s gratitude posts on Facebook this month. Gratitude is infectious isn’t it? Here’s mine for the week that will hopefully inspire you to reflect on your own life.

1. The Hubs got home on Thursday from yet another business trip. We’ve got this traveling thing down pat after all these years, but I still miss him every single time, and I’m still overjoyed when he comes home. Every. Single. Time. I’m happy he’ll be here this weekend to join in all the celebrations.

2. I went to a book party on Tuesday for my friend Stephanie’s book Golden Angels: A Pet Loss Memoir at the cutest little brewery I had never heard of, Thorn Street Brewery. I love any event where dogs and humans are both welcome, and I had a Great time meeting Stephanie’s friends both furry and otherwise. I picked up a couple of bandanas for Tally and Olive as a souvenir. Don’t they look cute?

3. Hyper productivity mode continues! I’ve been on a roll lately accomplishing a TON during the week, and sleeping like a rock at night. I’m so grateful for motivation. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t always have it, but I’m glad when it strikes, and even more glad that I’m able to take advantage of it when it does. Checking things off of a to-do list is the best feeling ever.

4. It’s been raining this week in San Diego. Not so Great for an outdoor baby shower, but Great otherwise. Us San Diegans love the rain! (Probably because we never get to see it) It’s got me feeling all cozy and full of holiday spirit. I also think its a contributing factor to me sleeping so well lately. It’s supposed to clear up on Sunday and  hopefully we’ll have a nice, clear Thanksgiving, but if we don’t, I won’t be mad.

I’m off to set up our guest bedroom and put the finishing touches on baby shower prep! I can’t wait to share with everyone what I’ve been working on for the last 8 weeks. Celebratory pictures to come next week! Have a joyful weekend.


  1. the doggies are so cute! <3 how big is olive? she looks like a little pea-head! but maybe it's the angle.

    hope lushious' baby shower is fabulous – FUN!

    • right?!? Its totally the angle. Olive actually weighs 5lbs more than Tally but height wise-they are identical. Olive does have a smaller head but not as small as the photo!

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