An awesome weekend recap with #FitFoodie

afterlight-19My heart is bursting after this past weekend. It’s these times, when everything feels right in the universe, that I become almost overwhelmed by my blessings.

My overabundance of fun began on Friday at a dinner with my friends from Cooking Light Magazine and Health Magazine. There is nothing better than spending an evening surrounded by like minded people. Betsylife is about making room for everything that you love in life, and the people I met from both magazine teams were so passionate about this same message. To them (and me) “health” isn’t about just working out and counting calories, its about working hard when its time to, and indulging when its time to. True health comes with a life balance, and it was great to see that these publications really practiced what they preach.

The dinner was delicious, the company was delightful, and I won an awesome running themed raffle prize!


The dinner was just a build up to the festivities the following day. What better way to kick off the San Diego Wine and Food Festival than with a little 5K jaunt along the San Diego bay front? This was my first race ever, and of course Val wouldn’t miss it for the world. We’ve pretty much done everything in our lives together, and her being there with me was truly great. Can I also just mention how darn proud I am of her for her continued focus on what she loves (running) throughout her pregnancy? That baby girl is going to be one amazing person with a role model like Val for a mom!

Although I wouldn’t say I’m fully converted into a “racer”, I did actually really enjoy myself. The weather was perfect, and the vibe of the crowd was really fun. Val, a seasoned racer, said this was one of the best planned, nicest 5K set ups she’s ever seen. afterlight-20I have to say a huge thanks to my friend Erin from Cooking Light. I was thrilled to finally meet in person after months of cross country emailing. THANK YOU Erin for involving me in this event and taking my weekend to another level. You’re the coolest.

afterlight-21Unfortunately I had to skip the actual Wine and Food Fest since I was hosting Val’s baby shower that afternoon. Finally my months of paper flower making came to fruition! As an artist, there is nothing better than when something you envision in your mind turns out exactly the way you pictured it.


afterlight-22The older you get, the more you learn value your time, and getting to spend an afternoon with ALL of my favorite people at the same time was one of the greatest parts of the entire weekend. We all lead busy lives, and the fact that my friends came in from near and far to celebrate with Val meant the world to me.

photo-11Only Val’s baby shower would end with her doing a human pyramid in a dive bar. Seize the day am I right? My friends definitely know how to play hard. I’m pretty sure I laughed enough this weekend to add 2 years onto my life.

afterlight-24A special shout out to my friend Krista who’s long distance love of Boozer was finally made a reality. True weenie dog love 4 lyfe!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Sounds like a great weekend for all. And you sound so happy – that’s the best!

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