5 Great Holiday Gifts Under $100

How’s your holiday shopping going? I’m actually sitting pretty after this black/cyber/mega deal weekend. Great news for me since I still have to wrap and ship to all ends of the country, but I do realize that not everyone is as proactive as I am.

If you’re still looking for some inspiration, and happen to be a fan of this blog, I’m pretty sure you’ll dig my top 5 holiday gifts as much as I do. Check ‘em out!

Yogitoes SkidlessYogitoes Skidless Yoga Towel: Now that I’m a hot yoga fanatic, I majorly rely on these skidless towels to keep me from slipping, sliding, and possibly injuring myself during class. Regular bath towels will work ok, but these are the perfect size, and won’t bunch up as you bend!

Melissas holiday gift boxMelissa’s Produce Deluxe Exotic and Tropical Fruit BasketI heart tropical fruits, but even more so, I PUFFY HEART new cooking ingredients I’ve never tried or seen before. There’s no better way to get the creative juices flowing in the kitchen then to try a bunch of new exotic fruits. I guarantee when juiced they make some darn good tropical mimosas too!

Soda Stream SodaStream: I’ll admit that I was against getting one of these when The Hubs asked for one a couple of years ago, but now its one of my most used kitchen gadgets, and I don’t even drink soda! I do drink A LOT of bubbly water. You know what else is excellent? Vodka+bubbly water+exotic fruit juice (see above) How can you say no to that?

Thalia-Dishtowel Thalia Dishtowels: As you may know by now, I spend most of my time in the kitchen. I always tell people I can never have too many dishtowels or pot holders. The bright colors and patterns keep things cheery, and make great backdrops for photos. Currently I’m crushing on this cute set from Anthropologie.

photo-12Origami Owl Custom JewelryI loooooooove my custom Origami Owl necklace that I created earlier this year. This jewelry makes the perfect gift for anyone on your list because its 100% customizable. Choose your locket shape, size and metal. Choose your chain type, and length, then fill it up with charms that represent the person on your gift list. I promise this will be a huge hit!


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