The Great List 04.25.2014

Greatlist I’ve been missing my Great List lately while I’ve been traveling, but that just means that I’ve had more time to collect new experiences to be grateful for. Since I’ve been home, my mind has been constantly whirling, but in a completely different way that it was before I left. I’m overrun with gratitude, and its pretty awesome.

1. My entire trip to Bolivia caused a huge shift in my psyche. I’m grateful to have seen strange and unusual parts of nature. I’m grateful to have met people that are so lovely and eager to share their culture with me, and I’m grateful to be able to afford the luxury of travel in general. On the flip side, being away makes all the comforts of home seem that much sweeter. Time away from my Hubs makes me love him that much more, and time away from work while surrounded by those who work harder and have less than I do is a beautiful reminder that nothing I’m facing in my daily life is all that dire or important. It’s a difficult thing to put into words, so I’ll just say that my heart is light. I feel joyful. It’s a Great feeling.

2. San Diego is such a lovely place to come home to. I almost feel like its been showing off for me since I’ve been back. The sun is hot, the breeze is cool and there are magnificent purple jacaranda trees in full bloom everywhere I turn. Living here makes me grateful every single day.

3. The Hubs was so proud of all the food he made for himself while I was gone. So much so, that several of his friends and colleagues reported to me that while I was away he was texting them photos of his food, and constantly telling them about the food he made that day. Hearing this makes me smile. It’s Great to feel needed, but also Great to know that I’m rubbing off on him. I think we make a good team as long as I don’t go away for too long.

4. I hope I don’t jinx it but my car is running once again. Listen, I know I drive a crummy old hoopdie, but I love her, and she’s been a wonderful and reliable friend all these years. I’m beginning to face the facts that a new car is in my near future, but I’d love it if Senty could just last through the rest of this year. The Hubs figured out a way for me to start her using some pliers in case of emergency, but so far this week I haven’t had to use them. Fingers crossed for at least 8-9 months of steady, reliability, but in the short term, I’m grateful for this week.

That’s it for this week folks. I’ve got an exciting weekend ahead of me, so I’ll surely have more to reflect on next week. I hope you all can take a moment of your day to really contemplate what is Great in your life. I promise you, doing so will steer your weekend in a wonderful direction.




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      It certainly is! What a great weekend that was. So happy to see you and be able to catch up. It was the icing on my light heart cake for sure 😉

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