The Great List 05.09.2014


Happy Friday to all! Sunday is mother’s day, and I’m excited for all the new moms this year. I’m grateful to all of you for having babies for me to love, and I’m grateful to my own mom for teaching me the basics of being a good person. There’s something wonderful in each day to be grateful for as long as you open your eyes to see it. Here’s what I saw this week.

1. I read a post on Facebook this week called “7 life lessons I learned from Mom”. It was a nice article, but two items in particular really stood out to me in regards to my own mom. The first was number 5,

“If you can help someone, do it.”

I’ve always admired both my parents for the way that they help others without being asked. As kids we were always sent out to carry elderly neighbors groceries, shovel their driveways, or help people dock their boat when coming home in a storm. (My parents always made us return any money they tried to give us when we helped) According to my sister-in-laws, my mom is pretty much the most helpful person ever after you’ve had a baby. She knows just where and when to step in, and when to back off. I’m grateful for this lesson because its something that feels very natural to me as an adult.

The second item that stood out was number 7,

“When given the choice between sun and housework, always choose sun.”

Yup, now you know where I get it! Thank you mom. I appreciate all the lessons you’ve taught me throughout the years……especially this one.

2. Last Saturday we drove to Irvine so my two favorite babies could finally meet! (That photo has “professional aunt” written all over it) I haven’t been able to see my niece Grace for more than a month and I’ve been missing her a lot. Fiona was the perfect role model, being her super chill self the whole time except for the last 20 minutes on the car ride home. It was Great to listen to The Hubs in the backseat trying to talk her down. I’m so grateful to my brother and sister in law for moving close and having babies for me to hug. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. I love being an aunt!

3. My neighbor knocked on my door at 7am to remind me to move my car for street sweeping that morning. Living in a neighborhood where people look out for each other, is a truly Great thing.

4. This week I had a whole day off that I started by taking a hike with a caring and insightful friend. I feel very blessed to have friends who truly listen, and give advice in a thoughtful and productive way. I think I might be lost without them.

See? Lots to be grateful for. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend.




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