betsy-about-2014Hi! I’m Betsy! I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and moved to San Diego on a whim in 2002. My background is in fine art, but I’ve worked every job from waitressing, to television producer, to bookkeeper. I guess you could say that both halves of my brain are well rounded.

As I get older, I’ve really learned to prioritize the creativity in my life. I’ve always loved to write, and take pictures, and have more recently learned that I love to cook as well. I started this blog as way to channel my ever whirling creative mind into something tangible. I make a conscious effort to make each day as enjoyable as possible even if that means baking cookies at 8am before I go out to meet clients. You know, I think its working. Each year of my life has been better than the one before.

Day to day I work as a freelance food stylist, which means making food look pretty for commercials and photos.

In my free time I love being with my husband and dogs, and sitting for any other dog in the area that needs a temporary home. I also love making food for friends and having get together’s including, but not limited to, pool parties, BBQ’s , football watching, Thanksgiving dinner, and other theme type gatherings.

Please enjoy your time here at betsylife! I’ve tried to make it cozy for you. Click around, leave comments (I love em!) , and what have you. If you would like to use any of my images, feel free! Just be sure to link back and give proper credit.

You can also find me internet wide on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.