Vegetarian Barley Risotto


The other day started off with a guy blowing a stop sign, almost crashing into me, then pulling up to me at the next stoplight and cursing me out as if the whole thing was my fault. My response?

“Um, sir. I believe you had a stop sign and I did not”

He sped off in anger.

The day continued with the good (Financial advisor told us we’ve saved 70% of our retirement already!), the bad (for the first time ever Olive unexpectedly bolted out the front door and into the busy street), and the ugly (saw a random crazy lady  mooning cars outside the grocery store)

The world is so weird sometimes.

Throughout it all I stayed calm. I laughed at the oddness of it all, appreciating the variety in my life, and went about my day.
Vegetarian Barley Risotto

It seems I’m finally settling back into myself again, and it feels good. I’m sure a lot has to do with regular workouts (I’m so sore!) and proper nutrition. It’s tough to get back in the groove after a long vacation, but I’ve been super diligent and I can feel the rewards already.

I’ve been on the prowl for healthy, vegetarian recipes since I’m in love with summer produce, and I came across this awesome cheesy barley “risotto” on my friend Dara’s site. I made a few adjustments (substitute peas, chard and zucchini for the snap peas and mushrooms) but the results were equally delicious.

Barley is a great way to add more fiber and protein to your diet which are two things I majorly need right now.

If you’re trying to eat healthier this bikini season, simple substitutions can go a long way, and I’m not talking about that fat free crap. Try to choose whole grains, fresh produce, and REAL ingredients. Besides the weight loss benefits, eating right and maintaining normal blood sugar levels will help stabilize your moods and keep you calm when some asshole tries to run you down with his car.

What are some of your favorite healthy substitutions?

Vegetarian Barley Risotto


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